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8Cell Genuine Battery HP HSTNN-UB02 HSTNN-DB03 HSTNN-DB04

8Cell Genuine Battery HP HSTNN-UB02 HSTNN-DB03 HSTNN-DB04

Battery Type:Li-ion
Capacity:4000mAh / 8Cell
Net Weight:440g
Battery Condition:Brand New, 100% Original manufacturer
Warranty:12 months Long

Fit for:

HP Pavilion zv5000 Series

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HP Pavilion ZD8000 series

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HP Pavilion ZD8100 series

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HP Pavilion ZD8200 Series

HP Pavilion ZD8300 series

ZD830 zd8301EA zd8302EA zd8303EA zd8304EA zd8305EA zd8306EA zd8307EA zd8308EA zd8315ca zd8315EA zd8316EA zd8317EA zd8318EA zd8319EA zd8320EA zd8323EA zd8325EA zd8333cl zd8342EA zd8350LA zd8367EA zd8368EA zd8369EA zd8388EA zd8389EA zd8390EA zd8398EA zd8399EA zd8399xx

HP Pavilion ZD8400 series

ZD8400 zd8401ea zd8410ea zd8430ca zd8460ea zd8480ea zd8490ea

HP Business NX9100 Series

Business NX9100, Business NX9105, Business NX9110, Business NX9600

Compaq Presario R3000 Series

R3000AP, R3000T, R3000Z, R3001AP, R3001US,  R3101AP, R3111EA, R3112EA, R3113EA, R3114EA, R3116EA, R3117EA, R3119EA, R3120CA, R3120US, R3128RS, R3136EA, R3137EA, R3138EA, R3140CA, P, R3313AP, R3314AP, R3400

Compaq Presario R4000 Series

R4001, R4002, R4003, R4003EA, R4005EA, R4006EA, R4009EA, R4010CA, R4010US, R4012EA, R4012US,

Compaq Presario R4100 Series

R4114EA, R4125EA, R4145EA

Compaq Presario X6000 Series

Compaq Presario X6100 Series

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