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8Cell Genuine Battery Compaq Presario X6000 R3000 R4000

New 8Cells Genuine Original Battery For Compaq Presario X6000 R3000 R4000 Series

Battery Type:Li-ion
Capacity:4000mAh / 8Cell
Net Weight:440g
Battery Condition:Brand New, 100% Original manufacturer
Warranty:12 months Long

Replace Part Number:

374765-001 346970-001 346971-001 350836-001 371913-001 371914-001 371915-001 371916-001 378858-001 380443-001 383963-001 383965-001 383966-001 383968-001 846970-001 846971-001 DP390A DP399A HSTNN-C11C HSTNN-DB02 HSTNN-UB02 HSTNN-DB03 HSTNN-DB04 HSTNN-DB14 HSTNN-IB03 HSTNN-IB04 HSTNN-IB14 HSTNN-Q08C HSTNN-DB02 HSTNN-UB02 PP2100 PP2200 PP2210

Fit for:

Compaq Presario R3000 Series

R3000AP, R3000T, R3000Z, R3001AP, R3001US, R3002AP, R3003AP, R3003US, R3004AP, R3004US, R3005AP, R3005US, R3006AP, R3007AP, R3008AP, R3009AP, R3010AP, R3010EA, R3011AP, R3012AP, R3013AP, R3014AP, R3015AP, R3016AP, R3017AP, R3018AP, R3019AP, R3021AP, R3022AP, R3023AP, R3024AP, R3030EA, R3030US, R3038CL, R3039EA, R3040EA, R3050EA, R3050US, R3055CA, R3056RS, R3060CA, R3060EA, R3060US, R3065US, R3070US, R3101AP, R3111EA, R3112EA, R3113EA, R3114EA, R3116EA, R3117EA, R3119EA, R3120CA, R3120US, R3128RS, R3136EA, R3137EA, R3138EA, R3140CA, R3140US, R3145EA, R3150US, R3158, R3160US, R3190EA, R3190US, R3200, R3201AP, R3201US, R3202AP, R3202US, R3203AP, R3203US, R3204AP, R3204US, R3205AP, R3206AP, R3206EA, R3207AP, R3207EA, R3208AP, R3209AP, R3210AP, R3210CA, R3210EA, R3210US, R3211AP, R3212EA, R3215CA, R3215EA, R3220CA, R3220US, R3228EA, R3230CA, R3230EA, R3230US, R3240CA, R3240EA, R3240US, R3245EA, R3247US, R3249EA, R3250EA, R3251EA, R3255EA, R3260US, R3275US, R3290US, R3312AP, R3313AP, R3314AP, R3400

Compaq Presario R4000 Series

R4001, R4002, R4003, R4003EA, R4005EA, R4006EA, R4009EA, R4010CA, R4010US, R4012EA, R4012US, R4015EA, R4016EA, R4017EA, R4024EA, R4025CA, R4025EA, R4025US, R4026EA, R4028EA, R4029EA, R4030EA, R4031EA, R4035CA, R4060EA, R4065EA, R4075EA, R4225CA

Compaq Presario R4100 Series

R4114EA, R4125EA, R4145EA

Compaq Presario X6000 Series

X6000CTO, X6001XX, X6002XX, X6003XX, X6050CA, X6050US, X6070US

Compaq Presario X6100 Series

X6100CTO, X6105CL, X6110US, X6125CL

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