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83WH 9Cell HP Pavilion HDX9300,HDX9400,HDX9500 laptop battery

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  83WH 9Cell HP Pavilion HDX9300,HDX9400,HDX9500 laptop battery

Battery Type
83WH / 9Cell
Net Weight
172.8 x 83.3 x 23.8(mm)
Battery Condition
Brand New
12 months Long

Replace Part Number:

HSTNN-CB47, HSTNN-I35C, 443050-721

Fit for:

HP Pavilion HDX9000 Series

GA684UAR, GA684UA, GN384PA, GP009AS, GP014AS, GP015AS, GP016AS, GS057PAR, GS057PA, GS069PAR, GS069PA, GS070PAR, GS070PA, GS081PA, GS082PAR, GS082PA, GS102PAR, GS102PA, GS113PAR, GS113PA, GS114PAR, GS114PA, GS479EAR, GS479EA, GS480EAR, GS480EA, GS481EAR, GS481EA, GS483EAR, GS483EA, GS484EAR, GS484EA, GS485EAR, GS485EA, GS487EA, GS598EAR, GS598EA, GS599EAR, GS599EA, GU003PAR, GU003PA, GU004PA, GX286LA, GX918PAR, GX918PA, KR835AV, RV995AV, RW031AV

HP Pavilion HDX9100 Series

CG525EAR, CG525EA, CG526EAR, CG526EA, CG527EA, CG641EAR, CG641EA, CG642EAR, CG642EA, CG643EAR, CG643EA, CG644EAR, CG644EA, GS488EAR, GS488EA, GS600EAR, GS600EA, GT952PA, GU038PA, GU039PA, GX831PA, GX871PA, GZ337PA, GZ398PA, GZ399PAR, GZ399PA, GZ400PA, KB145PA, KB146PA

HP Pavilion HDX9200 Entertainment Series

CG529EAR, CG529EA, CG530EAR, CG530EA, CH322EAR, CH322EA, CH323EA, CH324EAR, CH324EA, CH325EAR, CH325EA, CH326EAR, CH326EA, CH327EAR, CH327EA, CH328EAR, CH328EA, CH329EAR, CH329EA, GW473AV, KD312PA, KD357PA, KD358PAR, KD358PA, KD359PA, KD360PA, KD379PA, KD380PA, KD929AS, KD930AS, KG569PAR, KG569PA, KG570PA, KG571PAR, KG571PA, KG586PA, KG587PA, KM768PA, KM792PAR, KM792PA, KM793PAR, KM793PA, KM839PA, KM840PA, KN823LA, KP103PAR, KP103PA, KP125PA, KP126PA, KP515AS, KP516AS, KT160PA, KT161PA, KT162PA, KT163PAR, KT163PA, KT175PA

HP Pavilion HDX9300 Entertainment Series

FE127PA, FE128PA, FE129PA, FE130PA, FF345PA, FF346PA, FF347PA, FF348PA, KN960UA

HP Pavilion HDX9300 Entertainment Series

CH542EAR, CH542EA, CH543EAR, CH543EA, CH544EAR, CH544EA, CH545EAR, CH545EA, CH547EAR, CH547EA, CH548EAR, CH548EA, CH549EAR, CH549EA, CH550EAR, CH550EA, CH551EA, CH552EAR, CH552EA, CH959EAR, CH959EA, CH960EA, FE098PA, KS371PA, KS412PA

HP Pavilion HDX9400 Entertainment Seires

FE882UAR, FE882UA, FF425PAR, FF425PA, FG849LA, FG850LA, NJ132PA

HP Pavilion HDX9500 Entertainment Series


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