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Genuine Battery Toshiba PA3287U-1BAS PA3287U-1BRS 3287U

New 12Cells/8400mAh Genuine Original Battery For Toshiba Satellite A20/A25/A40/A45/2450/2455 Series Laptop

Battery Type:Li-ion
Capacity:8400mAh / 12Cell
Net Weight:625g
Dimension:205.8 x 91.1 x 20.9(mm)
Battery Condition:Brand New, 100% Original manufacturer
Warranty:12 months Long

Replace Part Number:

3Z012468ASE, APS BL1354, G71C00023610, P000381400, PA2522U, PA2522U-1BAS, PA2522U-1BRS, PA3287, PA3287U, PA3287U-1BAS, PA3287U-1BRS, PABAS033, PABAS040, TS-2450L, TS-A20/25L

Fit for:

Toshiba Satellite A20 Series:

Satellite A20-S103, Satellite A20-04D,
Satellite A20-31Q, Satellite A20-S103D,
Satellite A20-S207, Satellite A20-S208,
Satellite A20-S259, Satellite A20-S2591,
Satellite A20-SP259, Satellite A20-SP279

Toshiba Satellite A25 Series:

Satellite A25-S207, Satellite A25-S208,
Satellite A25-S279, Satellite A25-S307,
Satellite A25-S308, Satellite A25-S2791,
Satellite A25-S2792, Satellite A25-S3071,
Satellite A25-S3072, Satellite A25-SP259, Satellite A25-SP279

Toshiba Satellite 2450 Series:

Satellite 2450-101, Satellite 2450-114,
Satellite 2450-201, Satellite 2450-202,
Satellite 2450-401, Satellite 2450-S103,
Satellite 2450-S203, Satellite 2450-S303,
Satellite 2450-S402

Toshiba Satellite 2455 Series:

Satellite 2455-S305, Satellite 2455-S306,
Satellite 2455-S3001

Toshiba Satellite A40 Series:

Satellite A40-S150, Satellite A40-S161,
Satellite A40-S1611, Satellite A40-S200,
Satellite A40-S2001, Satellite A40-S270,
Satellite A40-S2701, Satellite A40-SP150,
Satellite A40-SP151, Satellite A40-SP270

Toshiba Satellite A45 Series:

Satellite A45-S120, Satellite A45-S1201,
Satellite A45-S1202, Satellite A45-S121,
Satellite A45-S1211, Satellite A45-S130,
Satellite A45-S1301, Satellite A45-S150,
Satellite A45-S1501, Satellite A45-S151,
Satellite A45-S1511, Satellite A45-S250,
Satellite A45-S2501, Satellite A45-S2502,
Satellite A45-S2701

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