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NEW 19V 3.95A 75W Car Charger Power Supply For Hp/compaq

NEW 19V 3.95A 75W Car Charger Power Supply For Hp/compaq

Input: DC  10V--15V MAX 10A
output: 19V--3.95A.
DC Plus Dimension: 5.5mm x 2.5mm

Fit for:
F4600a or F4814a
PA3032U-1ACA PA3097U-1ACA
PA3032E-1ACA PA3097E-1ACA

HP Omnibook Series:
XE XE2 XE3 500 900 4100 4150 6000 7100
7150 2100 3000 and 3100 series.

HP Pavilion Series:

N3000 N3100 N3150 N3250 N3270 N3290/5
N3310 N3330 N3390 N3410 N5000 N5100
N5125 N5130 N5150 N5170 N5190/5 N5200
N5210 N5270 N5290/5 N5300 N5340 N5380
N5350 and N5390/5 series

Compaq Presario Series:

1200 1600 1700 1800 Series

Acer TraveMate Laptop Series:

Acer TravelMate 420 Acer TravelMate
430 Acer TravelMate 650 Acer
TravelMate 660 and Acer TravelMate 800
Series OmniBook vt6200 : F4527HS
F5037HS F5037JC F5037JG F5037JR
F5037JT F5037J F5038HS F5038JC F5038JG
F5038JR F5038JT F5038J F5039JG F5039JT
F5040JC F5040JG F5040JR F5040JT F5040J
F5041JG F5041JT F5042HS F5042JC
F5042JG F5042JR F5042JT F5042J F5043JC
F5043JG F5043JR F5043JT F5043J F5044JC
F5044JG F5044JR F5044JT F5044J F5045JG
F5045JT F5046JG F5046JT F5047JC
F5047JG F5047JR F5047JT F5047J F5048JC
F5048JG F5048JR F5048JT F5048J F5049JG
F5049JT F5050JC F5050JG F5050JR
F5050JT F5050J F5051HT F5051H F5051JC
F5051JG F5051JR F5051JT F5051J F5052JG
F5052JT F5053HS F5053JC F5053JG
F5053JR F5053JT F5053J F5054JG F5054JT
F5055JC F5055JG F5055JR F5055JT F5055J
F5056JC F5056JG F5056JR F5056JT F5056J
F5057JC F5057JG F5057JR F5057JT F5057J
F5058JG F5058JT F5059JG F5059JT
F5060HS F5060JC F5060JG F5060JR
F5060JT F5060J F5061JC F5061JG F5061JR
F5061JT F5061J F5157JG F5157JR F5157JT
F5157J F5158JG F5158JT F5158J F5176H
F5176JC F5176JG F5176JT F5176J F5177HT
F5177H F5177JG F5177JR F5177JT F5177J
F5178J F5280HS F5343JS F5344JS F5366JS
F5388LL F5388LV F5389LL F5389LV
F5390LL F5390LV F5391LL F5391LV
F5392HT F5392H F5392JC F5392JG F5392JR
F5392JT F5392J F5393HT F5393H F5393JC
F5393JG F5393JT F5393J F5505JS F5506JS
F5509JS F5510HS F5516JS F5606JS
F5623JS F5633JS F5643JS F5647JS
F5802JS F5803JS F5827JS F6740JS
F6741JS F6742JS F6744JS F6748JS
F6750JS F6751JS

OmniBook xe4500 : F5283AV F5284AV

OmniBook xt1500 Series (ID - Pentium IV) :
F5512HS F5535H F5536H F5537H F5641HS
F5651HS F5801HS F5801HT F5804HS
F5810HT F5811HS F5812HS F5818HS

OmniBook xt1500 :
F3444H F3445HT F3445H F3446H F3447H
F5188H F5428H F5507HS F5508HS F5608HS
F5609HS F5610HS F5611HS

OmniBook xt6050 Series :
F4503AV F4506HC F4506HG F4506HR
F4506HT F4506H F4506JC F4506JG F4506JR
F4506JT F4506J F4506KC F4506KG F4506KR
F4506KT F4506K F4507HC F4507HG F4507HR
F4507HT F4507H F4507JC F4507JG F4507JR
F4507JT F4507J F4507KC F4507KG F4507KR
F4507KT F4507K F4508HC F4508HG F4508HR
F4508HT F4508H F4508JC F4508JG F4508JR
F4508JT F4508J F4508KC F4508KG F4508KR
F4508KT F4508K F4509HC F4509HG F4509HR
F4509HT F4509H F4509JC F4509JG F4509JR
F4509JT F4509J F4509KC F4509KG F4509KR
F4509KT F4509K F4510HC F4510HG F4510HR
F4510HT F4510H F4510JC F4510JG F4510JR
F4510JT F4510J F4510KC F4510KG F4510KR
F4510KT F4510K F4511HC F4511HG F4511HR
F4511HT F4511H F4511JC F4511JG F4511JR
F4511JT F4511J F4511KC F4511KG F4511KR
F4511KT F4511K F4512HC F4512HG F4512HR
F4512HT F4512H F4512JC F4512JG F4512JR
F4512JT F4512J F4512KC F4512KG F4512KR
F4512KT F4512K F4513HC F4513HG F4513HR
F4513HT F4513H F4513JC F4513JG F4513JR
F4513JT F4513J F4513KC F4513KG F4513KR
F4513KT F4513K F4514HC F4514HG F4514HR
F4514HT F4514H F4514JC F4514JG F4514JR
F4514JT F4514J F4514KC F4514KG F4514KR
F4514KT F4514K F4515HC F4515HG F4515HR
F4515HT F4515H F4515JC F4515JG F4515JR
F4515JT F4515J F4515KC F4515KG F4515KR
F4515KT F4515K F4516HC F4516HG F4516HR
F4516HT F4516H F4516JC F4516JG F4516JR
F4516JT F4516J F4516KC F4516KG F4516KR
F4516KT F4516K F4517HC F4517HG F4517HR
F4517HT F4517H F4517JC F4517JG F4517JR
F4517JT F4517J F4517KC F4517KG F4517KR
F4517KT F4517K F4518HC F4518HG F4518HR
F4518HT F4518H F4518JC F4518JG F4518JR
F4518JT F4518J F4518KC F4518KG F4518KR
F4518KT F4518K F4519HC F4519HG F4519HR
F4519HT F4519H F4519JC F4519JG F4519JR
F4519JT F4519J F4519KC F4519KR F4519KT
F4519K F4520HG F4520HR F4520HT F4520H
F4520JG F4520JT F4730HG F4730HS
F4730JG F4830HS F4830JS F4831HS
F4831JS F4832HS F4832JS F4834JS
F4841JS F4979JS F4985JS F5340JS
F5354JS F5365HS F5365JS F5500HS
F5504HS F5603JS F5629JS F5644JS
F5652HS F5652JS F5800HS F5800JS
F5809JS F6737JS F6747HS

OmniBook xt6200 :
F4525HC F4525HG F4525HR F4525HT F4525H
F4526HS F4526JC F4526JG F4526JR
F4526JT F4526J F4527JC F4527JG F4527JR
F4527JT F4527J F4528HC F4528JG F4528JT
F4529JG F4529JT F4530JC F4530JG
F4530JR F4530JT F4530J F4531JC F4531JG
F4531JR F4531JT F4531J F4532JG F4532JT
F4533HS F4533JC F4533JG F4533JR
F4533JT F4533J F4534JC F4534JG F4534JR
F4534JT F4534J F4535HS F4535JC F4535JG
F4535JR F4535JT F4535J F4919AV F4920AV
F4922AV F5337HS F5337JS F5370JS
F5371JS F5377HC F5377HG F5377HR
F5377HT F5377H F5378JC F5378JG F5378JR
F5378JT F5378J F5379JC F5379JG F5379JR
F5379JT F5379J F5380JG F5380JT F5381JG
F5381JT F5382JC F5382JG F5382JR
F5382JT F5382J F5383JC F5383JG F5383JT
F5383J F5384JG F5384JT F5385JC F5385JG
F5385JR F5385JT F5385J F5386JC F5386JG
F5386JR F5386JT F5386J F5387JC F5387JG
F5387JR F5387JT F5387J F5394JT F5394J
F5395JT F5395J F5396JT F5396J F5604JT
F5615JS F5621JS F5817JS F5817JT
F5831JS F5864JT F5864J F5865JT F5865J

Pavilion Notebook xf255 :
F5190A F5190HR F5190H F5183HR F5183H

Pavilion Notebook xf335:
F5418HR F5418H F5419HR F5419H F5913HR
F5913H F5420HR F5420H

Pavilion Notebook xt412 :
F5861HR F5861H F5855HR F5855H F5856HR
F5856H F5871HR F5871H

Pavilion Notebook xz168 :
F5543HR F5543H F5554HR F5554H F5541HR
F5541H F5548HR F5548H

Pavilion Notebook :
xz295 F3397HR F3397H F3400HR F3400H

Pavilion Notebook xz355 :
F5540HR F5540H F3451HR F3451H

Pavilion Notebook ze1115 :
F3414HR F3414H

Pavilion Notebook ze1250 :
F5421HR F5421H F5422HR F5422H F5398HR
F5398H F5399HR F5399H F5400HR F5400H

Pavilion Notebook ze4101 :
F5695AV F4902HR F4902H

Pavilion Notebook ze4111s :
F5859HR F5859H F5874H F5872H F5873HR F5873H

Pavilion Notebook ze4115 :
F4903HR F4903H

Pavilion Notebook ze4123 :
F5869HR F5869H F5878HG F5879HG

Pavilion Notebook ze4125 :
F4892HR F4892H

Pavilion Notebook ze4140 :
F5870HR F5870H F5875HR F5875H F5868H

Pavilion Notebook ze4145 : F4893HR F4893H

Pavilion Notebook zt1000-IC BTCO Base Unit :
F5097AV F5098AV

Pavilion Notebook zt1000-ID BTCO Base Unit :
F5100AV F5484AV

Pavilion Notebook zt1195 :
F3398HR F3398H F3437H F3394HR F3394H
F3438H F3399HR F3399H F3439H F3395HR

Pavilion Notebook zt1290 :
F5538HG F5539HG F3448HR F3448H F5532H
F3449HR F3449H F5549H F3450HR F3450H
xe4400 F4813A HP

HP OmniBook :
2100 2101 2102 2103 2104 2105 2106
2111 2112 2113 2114 2115 2116 2120
2120T 2121 2121T 2122 2122T 2123 2123T
2124 2124T 2125  2125T 2126 2126T 2127
2127T 2128 2129 3000 3000CTX 3100 3101
3102 3250 4100 4101 4102 4103 4104
4105 4106 4107 4108 4110 4111 4150
4150B 500 500B 900 900B 6000 6000B
6000C 6050 6100 7000 7100 7103 7103T
7150 900 XE XE 4100 XE 4500 XE-DA XE2

HP Pavilion :
6000 N3000 series N3100 N3110 N3150
N3190 N3200 N3210 N3215 N3250 N3270
N3290 N3295 N3300 N3310 N3330 N3350
N3370 N3390 N3400 N3402 N3410 N3438
N3478 N3490 N5000 N5100 N5125 N5130
N5135 N5140 N5150 N5170 N5190 N5195
N5200 N5210 N5210M N5221 N5240 N5241
N5250 N5261 N5270 N5271 N5290 N5295
N5300 N5310 N5311 N5340 N5341 N5350
N5351 N5371 N5381 N5390 N5400 N5402
N5402L N5412 N5415 N5420 N5420L N5421
N5421L N5422 N5425 N5430 N5435 N5440
N5441 N5442 N5444 N5445 N5450 N5451
N5452 N5454 N5455 N4561 N4562 N5470
N5472 N5474 N5475 N5481 N5482 N5484
N5485 N5490 N5491 N5495 N5500 N5511L
N5584 N6000 N6100 N6190 N6195 n6300
n6395 n6396 n6397 n6398 n6399 n6400
n6401 n6402 n6403 n6404 n6490 XF
Series: 100 125 145 235 255 300 315
325 328 335 XH series / 35 136 156 176
215 216 226 260 335 355 365 395 455
485 535 545 555 575 675 XT XT118 XT125
XT155 XT236 XT276 XT375 XT412 XT4345QV
XT5300 XT5335QV XT5366WM XT5377QV
XT537QV XT545 XT5477WM XT595 XZ
Series: 133 148 163 168 185 275 295
300 335 355 ZE4210 ZE4240 ZT1114
ZT1121s ZT1125 ZT1130 ZT1131s ZT1135
ZT1141 ZT1145

HP docking solutions :
F1451C F1452C F1738A F2025B F4808A
F2096B F3494A and F3494B


Package included:

1 x Hp/compaq 19V 3.95A YD190-395 Car Chargers

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