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Toshiba Satellite A10 A15 Tecra A1 laptop CPU Fan MCF-TS6512M05

Toshiba Satellite A10 A15 Tecra A1 laptop CPU Fan MCF-TS6512M05

# Specification:
# Unit: 1 pcs
# Type:Laptop CPU Fan
# Compatible with Part no.: MCF-TS6512M05 MCFTS6512M05
# Condition: used
# Warranty: 3 Months
Tested to be 100% working properly.

Fit Model:
Toshiba Satellite A10, A15 and Tecra A1 laptop.
Satellite A10, Satellite A10-103, Satellite A10-111, Satellite A10-131
Satellite A10-203, Satellite A10-501, Satellite A10-511, Satellite A10-521
Satellite A10-603, Satellite A10-S100, Satellite A10-S1001, Satellite A10-S103
Satellite A10-S113, Satellite A10-S127, Satellite A10-S128, Satellite A10-S129
Satellite A10-S1291, Satellite A10-S167, Satellite A10-S169, Satellite A10-S1691
Satellite A10-S177, Satellite A10-S178, Satellite A10-S203, Satellite A10-S213
Satellite A10-S223, Satellite A10-S313, Satellite A10-S403D, Satellite A10-S503
Satellite A10-S513, Satellite A10-S613, Satellite A10-S703, Satellite A10-S811
Satellite A10-SP100, Satellite A10-SP1001, Satellite A10-SP127, Satellite A10-SP129
Satellite A10-SP177, Satellite A15-S127, Satellite A15-S1271, Satellite A15-S128
Satellite A15-S129, Satellite A15-S1291, Satellite A15-S1292, Satellite A15-S157
Satellite A15-S158, Satellite A15-S1692, Satellite A15-SP100, Satellite A15-SP1002
Satellite A15-SP127, Satellite A15-SP129, Satellite A15-SP177, Satellite Pro A10-10EU1
Satellite Pro A10-10EU2, Satellite Pro A10-111, Satellite Pro A10-11EU1, Satellite Pro A10-121
Satellite Pro A10-15EB, Satellite Pro A10-15EU, Satellite Pro A10-16EB, Satellite Pro A10-16EU
Satellite Pro A10-17EB, Satellite Pro A10-17EU, Satellite Pro A10-29EG1, Satellite Pro A10-29EG1 WIFI
Tecra A1, Tecra A1 (14.1), Tecra A1 (15 SXGA), Tecra A1 (15 XGA), Tecra A130

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